About the Artists

  • Colleen Wilcox

    Colleen Malia Wilcox is a renowned Hawaii artist. She creates acrylic paintings on canvas inspired by life in the islands and nature's beauty. With Hawaii as her home and playground, she enjoys spending time outdoors surfing, swimming and exploring landscapes filled with tropical plants and flowers. Colleen uses elements of design observed in nature by incorporating vibrant colors, organic shapes, and bold lines to create energy and movement. Her artwork feature realistic subjects that she stylizes with a whimsical twist. She hopes to inspire feelings of wonder and happiness in those who resonate with her work.

  • Candice Soon

    Hi, I'm Candice! Originally born and raised in Singapore, I moved to Hawai'i after living in Okinawa for three years. As a self-taught artist, my style has been deeply influenced by the natural beauty and culture of each of these islands. Through my art, I hope to highlight the wonder of the places I've experienced. While I'm now a full-time teacher at a local public school, art remains my first love and I hope to be able to share it with others!

  • Mae Waite

    I am an independent artist and illustrator based in Honolulu, Hawaii. I received my B.A. in Studio Arts from the University of Hawaii in Manoa. Many of my pieces are an embodiment of my surroundings and the emotions that I pull from the environment. I’m driven by the artistic process of creating and emphasizing different techniques. I love to experiment on different surfaces and conjugate different meaning with the mediums I use. I work closely with oils, ink, graphite, watercolors, acrylics, gouache and illustrator applications.

  • Trudi Galera

    Trudi was born and raised in Honolulu, where she was inspired by the natural beauty of her home in lush Manoa Valley as well as her mother’s childhood beach house on La’ie Bay.

    Trudi has always had a love of art and art history. In her work as an educator, she has developed children’s book illustrations. Other lifelong loves include hula, lei making and native botanicals. Today, Trudi lives in Manoa with her husband and creates art in her backyard studio as well as her Kaimuki design loft.

  • Ashley Kaase

    Ashley is a Hawaii based artist who finds inspiration all around her and often paints from life. Her mother was also an artist and she was raised in pottery studios across the world. Her artistry includes ceramics, printmaking, woodworking and most recently, painting with acrylics and watercolors.

    Ashley is inspired by Hawaii’s rich plant life as well as the skylines, sunsets and silhouettes that are unique to these beautiful islands. She does her best to preserve these moments in time forever and share a piece of paradise with her customers. Besides the landscapes, her children are her biggest inspiration. Their portraits were the first watercolor works she ever completed.

  • Odi

    Growing up in Argentina and surfing in Uruguay, Odile ‘Odi’ Schlossberg developed an irreplaceable passion for the ocean. It wasn’t long before she started traveling the world in search of surf and new sources of inspiration. She is currently based in Northern California and Hawaii, where she takes inspiration from beautiful coastlines, waves and unique oceanfront forms.

    Her style developed from combining principles of graphic design and the fluid motions of acrylic painting. With a background in architecture and design, her artwork incorporates distinct design principles mixed with the organic quality of nature.

    "Through art, I aim to express that feeling we get when we see a perfect wave, or when we admire the sunset while we're sitting on our board...Surf's Up!"

  • Elyse Bojorquez

    I’m Elyse, an all-around creative! I focus mostly as a painter, but also work as an illustrator and graphic designer. I find joy in using a variety of paint mediums like oil, acrylic and watercolor, coupled with digital imaging. My style, which ranges from modern impressionist to flat graphic, is rooted in my love for Hawaii and influenced by my favorite local artists, such as Peggy Hopper, Peggy Chun and Eugene Savage.

    I named my brand Red Thread because of my godmother, who adopted a baby girl from China together with her husband. I distinctly remember a black and white photo of them holding a red ribbon, the only thing in color. It was a beautiful photo that reflected her belief that a red thread of fate connects us to the ones we love and the things that we are meant to do. Sadly, my godmother passed away. I wanted to honor her and the other strong women in my life, hence the name Red Thread.

  • Eddy Y

    Lifestyle artist Eddy Y receives inspiration from all around him. His creative genius spans the arts: from pencil to oils and acrylics, from the classics to the modern day.

    Eddy maintains a versatile scope for his artistic expressions, focusing on art the public will enjoy. As a prominent cotemporary graphic designer, he set the surf trend of the 1980s with his designs selling in the millions. Today, Eddy Y’s love and knowledge of Hawaiian Island culture sets the theme of his designs.

    The art of Eddy Y has appeared in numerous national publications and can be appreciated from New York to Honolulu.

  • Julius Mangubat

    Formally trained as an industrial designer and in studio arts, Julius Mangubat of Mango Creative Hawaii focuses on creating wooden products through laser cutting and dye sublimation. Among other things, he is the primary product developer of Longboard Letters, which he created in 2016. Julius is also a film camera enthusiast and a furniture designer.

    "I am living the good life! My two goals while in Industrial Design school were to have a creative job and to live in Hawaii. I am fortunate to have my own small business, Mango Creative, that focuses on developing products that showcases my experiences and all the unique things that are special to Hawaii; I take my inspiration from the island life and the Aloha spirit."



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