Our Story

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Find your Aloha

Spreading aloha with every step. That’s our mission, and it’s one we take very seriously. We feel fortunate to live and work here in Hawaii, and we want to share this carefree vibe with everyone who visits our stores! Whether it’s a pair of Hawaii-themed slippers or a locally-designed tank top, we want all of our guests to experience firsthand what the Aloha Spirit means to us. It’s more than just a behavior. It’s a state of mind.

The Nene Goose is endemic to the Hawaiian Islands, and the official state bird of Hawaii. It’s considered to be the rarest goose in the world, and was rescued from the brink of extinction by a long-running conservation program. Although not completely self-sustaining, the Nene Goose nevertheless represents a major conservation success story here in the islands.

Coco is our own fun-loving nene goose. He goes on adventures all across the Hawaiian Islands and embodies everything about the nene goose that we love – its resilience, adaptability and love for Hawaii.

Our company’s roots go back to 1986 when our sister company, Pictures Plus, first began selling artwork at the Aloha Stadium Swap Meet. Three years later, we began manufacturing our own picture frames locally on Oahu. Over the years, we continued to invest in state-of-the-art machinery that increased our manufacturing capabilities.

In 2014, we began printing on metal, wood and other surfaces through a process we coined “Colorfuse.” As our abilities grew, so too did our desire to create products that represent the spirit of the islands.

In 2018, we opened CocoNene, our first store under our new name. CocoNene offers all the products that we design and make right here in Hawaii. From wood coasters and postcards to locally designed bags and our best-selling Longboard Letters, we are proud to offer an authentic piece of Hawaii to everyone who visits our stores.